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Are you ready to start a great career as an International Trade Specialist in Constanta or Iasi?


Get ready for the webinar that will take place on

November 2nd, 2022
in the interval 17:30 - 19:00

The first steps towards a full time international career for foreign language speakers starts with a fully paid 6 month intensive program designed by DARE, meant to take you from no experience to expert status. You will be travelling, meeting people and negotiating clearance stocks.


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Who is it for? 

This event is designed for all people who are interested in a career in negotiation and sales. If you have no previous commercial experience, but you feel that you might be cut for this field, we created an event that will give you the starting/basic information on clearance negotiation and purchasing.


All you need to bring is your foreign language skills, your curiosity and desire to win and you will/might have the chance to be selected to a 6 months program, paid by us from day 1, that will land you a great career, as an international trade specialist.

Why should you become an international  trade specialist?


You will be prospecting and negotiating clearance stocks at an international level, using your foreign language skills.


You will be helping businesses capitalize their unsold stocks, contributing to a more efficient and responsible economy.


You will be traveling internationally up to 30% of your time, meeting suppliers.


You will be dealing with business owners and decision makers.


You will be part of Veo’s amazing team, with fun and supporting colleagues, who will be there to cheer for you, for every negotiation you win.

Who is DARE?

DARE is the academy that is dedicated to identify, train, coach, high level commercial profiles suited to become the best international traders for VEO and Noz.

With over 8 years of experience and hundreds of graduates, DARE designed a 6 months training and coaching program that will take you from no experience to becoming a clearance expert. 

The best part- is fully supported by Veo and the best graduates are guaranteed to have a  full time spot prospecting and negotiating stocks at international level.

Key figures


graduates in 2022




Mil Eur.

Negotiated by DARE graduates/ year





in 27 

countries deals are negotiated at European level



Senior Coach

In this webinar, Stefan Fantu, senior coach will walk you through clearance field and VEO story. With an experience of 6 years in the company and more than 7 million euros negotiated in orders, Stefan is an enthusiast of the commercial field. With patience and passion he guided more than 200 international traders in their career and he strongly believes that life is a continous learning  process. He takes pleasure in meeting new people and learn with them step by step, supporting them in paving their road to succes.

After this interraction, you will take valuable advice of what an international trade career looks like, why clearance field is the future in the commercial industry and how does succes looks in VEO.


Veo experience

Gabriela Z.

Prospector, English

''Since the beginning of my days at VEO, I was driven by the idea of their motto Don’t waste. Just value. I think the real challenge is to valorize what you have and to grow with the skills you have now than to waste them on something where they don’t fit.


So far, my VEO experience is reflected on things and work methods that I haven’t came across on that made me work harder to get where I want to be. Since I became a member of the VEO team I was on a continuous challenge with myself, in a good way, that pushes me to succeed more and more.''

Bogdan S.

TL, English

''A memorable experience, VALUE/VEO gave me the opportunity to know myself much better and to exceed my own limits (of acceptance, motivation, knowledge,) without realizing they were holding me back.


Once I learned the VEO values, I definitely became better and more open to new things. Greater curiosity and the solidification of the business concept at the multinational level. I'm glad that I met wonderful people in the same place, with different professional and life experiences, from whom I learned a lot.


Operationally, I developed both IT and Communication skills. I recommend to anyone to go through the VEO selection process, it helps in an in-depth self-discovery.''


Ilie M.

Buyer, Romanian

''I can start by saying that no day is like the previous one or the next, but how interesting the experience is depends on us.

Almost all my life (17 years to be exact) I spent in combat halls, sports fields, sports competitions and I argued loudly and clearly that I would never be attracted to and would never be able to set up an office environment in front of a computer. With the start of training and the discovery of the working environment at VEO, my concepts have changed.

I come to the office every day and I am always excited to think that today I will do something even more challenging, interesting and unique.
I felt the challenges from the first week discovering two batches of products, working on two files and submitting them and even having two negotiations right in my first week in NEST. In the second week I was voted by my colleagues as the most determined on the NEST plateau. For all this I was fully prepared by our coaches from the DARE to whom I owe everything''


Elena T.

Prospector, Italian

''My experience in VEO is positive and full of energy starting right from the training period. I found here an environment that helps me grow professionally even personally. It's a job that  takes place in a positive, pleasant, dynamic and full of energy environment which makes you want to learn and know more :)'''

Webinar agenda

World of clearance

DARE Academy Program

Careers with VEO


We are looking forward to meeting you!

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